Black Friday is the day after US thanks giving often known as the starting of Christmas shopping season. Black Friday is not an official federal holiday but California and some more states grant holiday on this day.  It has been a routine busiest shopping day since 2005. Many retailers and marts remain open late at night and provide with many discount deals to customers.


1.      RESEARCH: Research for Black Friday deals on thanks giving day or even before to take the best possible advantage of Black Friday day’s deals.

2.      MAKE A PLAN: Make a list of all those things that you have to buy, and which stores provide best sales and deals on those commodities, and at what time they will open.

3.      TIME IS MONEY: Arrange all stores to visit according to their timings, from earliest to the latest

4.      SAVE YOUR MONEY: Beware of Black Friday Door busters with limiting you on quantity. If a store has only 10 items at discounted price go elsewhere.

5.      VISUALIZE: You should have the knowledge that where your items will be located.

6.      BE SAFE: We see many violence reports every year on Black Friday, from trampling to shooting, be courteous and respectful to others.

7.      TEAM WORK: Go with a team and attack different stores or different departments of a same store; designate a point where you regroup after shopping.

8.      BE EQUIPPED WITH SNACKES: Only amateur people stop at food courts!(or use bathroom –so go before you leave home)

9.      THE SILENT ONES: Don’t ignore stores which never advertise, they also have Black Friday deals and most probably will be less crowded.

10.  ENJOY: Online shopping is preferred over going to stores these days, but hanging out with friends is always real fun and shopping should be fun.


LED, LCD, HDMI or 3D TV, Plasma TV or SMART TVs:

With the evolution of mankind, accessories around him have also evolved to its most complex state that is today if we decide to buy a TV a long list of different technologies stands in front of us which literally is very annoying as well. So, a lot of knowledge is required to make correct decision in buying a TV.

Knowledge of appropriate size according to your room, type of the TV like LCD, Plasma, LED etc is very crucial to have in order to make a perfect buying decision.

It is a very famous saying that “size matters a lot” (I am not referring to what you are thinking J) Television are now measured diagonally as we measure screen of our laptops. Size immensely depends on the size of your room. I would recommend smaller size TV for your bedroom and Bigger size for your living room, well that is obvious.

Cost of the TV is in directly proportion  to the size of the screen, the bigger the size the higher will be the price . One should consider TV as the decoration accessory of our room which goes according to the size of any room. Bigger screen in small rooms disrupts it decoration .

Here is a list of TV which I personally think are best suited for any home.


If you thought all LED TVs are equal, you're underestimating the power of confusion as a marketing tool. In their continuing efforts to compete against the picture quality of plasma-based  TVs, makers of LCDs TVs have introduced numerous new technologies. The most successful in my opinion is full-array LED backlighting with local dimming. When you see the words "LED TV" in an ad, it definitely refers to an LCD TV with an LED backlight, but what type of LED backlight and how it's configured make all the difference.


When you talk about conquering the colours of the entire universe getting a plasma tv is the best equipment . If you are a lover of watching movies in dim light and on large screen  you should surely go for a plasma as it enhance dark colours and give an exceptional output than than LCD-LED based Tvs, although LCD-LED based technology brought great evolution in this sector but still it is not able to beat plasma on dark colour and display in dim lighting. Never think of saving money with going with cheap plasma as in cheap Plasma TVs you may face the 'Burn-In' effect which will ruin your whole TV set.


Smart televisions are the another step forward in the evolution of television. Like smart phones we use in our daily life smart functions TV also have more or less same features. These devices have a big time focus on online interactive media than traditional broadcast media. You can say it is the best possible weapon to win any war,if Television were the means of fighting a battle.


Samsung LED FH6030 Series TV (40.0” Diag.)

You can enjoy stunning Full HD 1080p in both 2D and 3D, CMR of 240 for Smooth Motion Performance Wide Color Enhancer Plus, with Samsung 3D converter, turn 2D viewing into 3D for an amazing cinematic experience, comes with 1 USB 2.0 port and 2 HDMI ports. It is easily available for around $499.00 which is highly economical.

Samsung ( 31.5" Diag.) LED 6300 Series TV (smart tv)


This is a smart tv with numerous functions like your smart phone. It has a dual core processor for quick multi tasking,you can download movies and apps easily from fast internet(wi-fi) . It has 4 HDMI ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports. It is a expensive television set. It best suits to people who love to have access to the modern world in tip of their hands.

Panasonic TX-P50VT65

This is all in one TV by Panasonic . It is 50 inch plasma TV with 3D audio and video(comes with two pair of 3D glasses);it has smart TV functions as well as with online video steaming and BBC iplayer  and Neo Plasma 300 panel.


Panasonic TX-L42DT65

This is a very attractive TV mostly recognized for it design . This TV has 3 HDMI ports with smart tv functions it has a good sound and picture quality. You can say it can easily fit in your living room as it comes in 42” inch diagonally wide screen. This Tv gives the best result in area where light is sufficient , picture quality drops in very dark room.

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