Everyone likes to capture the moment to relish it thereafter. that moment may be yours child birth, birthday party, wedding ceremony, partying with friends anything that you would to capture, But the main question to ask yourself is  how to capture this moment to make it exquisite?.There are lots of devices such as your phone, tablets, Ipad, digital camera etc are equipped with the camera technology, but which device to use to make it special. For me DSLR camera is an answer of this question,not only it provides you with the better results but also tailored up with many options that other devices lacks.


First question that should come up in your mind by reading a term DSLR "What is DSLR?".DSLR Stands for Digital single lens reflex camera. Its a digital camera which combines the feature of digital image sensor and single lens reflex camera. Here are some features:

·         Interchangeable lenses
·         Manual control feature (zoom and white balance)
·         variety of optics attachable
·         large sensors size
·         Dust reduction system


There are variety of DSLR camera available in market ranging from economical to professional one. So here are some primary factors you should take into account:

i.                  USAGE : First question to ask yourself is for what purpose you use it for and which type of photography you want to do from it.
              ii.         PRICE: You should know your budget as it affects the decision as to which camera entails your needs. So that you can buy a best quality camera according to your budget. Price of accessories related to it should also be considered.


After you answer both these questions price & usage you take a step towards selecting a "Best DSLR camera" available in your range. so here is your guide as to how you make choice between many . Following factors you should consider to make a best choice from the rest:

i.         Resolution-Megapixel:  How many mega Pixel it offers?

ii.       Sensor Size : Larger the sensor size more dynamic will be the results.

iii.      Size and weight : Easy to carry or not.

iv.     Upgrading : Is system expand ability is possible?

v.       Maintenance: Maintenance cost should be taken into account from user reviews.

vi.     Connectivity with other devices: Does it provide connectivity feature with other devices you use?

vii.    Flash : Does it have built in flash or you have to buy separate flash shoe mount which will result in excessive cost?

viii.  LCD size: Small or adequate

ix.     Auto Focus: Is it cross or linear?

x.       Shutter Speed: longer it will open more lights will enter your lens and provide you with better image quality.

xi.     Video :Does it have a video feature?

xii.    Warranty: How much warranty is given?


There are wide range of brands available in the market .Most Popular are:

·         CANON
·         NIKON 
·         SONY
·         PENTAX

1. NIKON D3200   

According to review its the best entry level DSLR camera
available in the market. It is engineered with NIKON exceed 3 image processor
and provide you 24 megapixel resolutions. Moreover 1080/2P full HD video recording provides you with the video experience like never before and it comes with complete guide that provide you with exclusive setting information to be used in different situations.
Others features include:

i.         Controlled Noise
ii.       WIFI Option
iii.      3 inch LCD
iv.     Light weight

  2.  CANON EOS 100D     

    It is powered by DIGIC 5 image processor and renown as smallest APSC DSLR ever made. It weighs lighter than Nikon d3200 around 407g as compare to Nikon 455g. it gives you 18 megapixel resolutions but has higher resolution than Nikon. other features of it giving edge over NIKON d3200 include:

i.         it offers you touch screen interface.
ii.       Less shutter lag
iii.      it size.
Other features offered by CANON EOS 100 D includes Cross type Auto focus,3 inch bright touch screen, built in flash moreover it also offers expendability.

NIKON D3200 vs CANON EOS 100 D   

If we compare both of these cameras we will see that Nikon d3200 has edge on canon Eos 100d in terms of price ,megapixels 24 as compare to 18, better HD video recording features over canon, longer battery timing than canon ,better image quality and significantly large sensors, and more available lenses to select with  are some of its edge over canon.

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