Trending Christmas Markets

Christmas trends have changed with years and will continue to change in future as well.  As around 2000 years ago Christians didn’t celebrate this day, in fact there is no acknowledgement of 25th December in Bible. In the 3rd century it became official that the birthday of Jesus Christ would be 25th December and then in the 8th century Christmas was widely celebrated all around Europe. 1848 was the main year when trend of Christmas trees and gifts started as in this year prince Albert of Germany getting married to queen Victoria decorated a 40 ft tall Christmas tree. Then in the 19th and 20th century the rise of advertisement trend took place when gifts and shopping started to take center stage in Christmas and was announced as the commercial holiday.

Today the Christmas trend is all about shopping and spending quality holidays with family. Many stores give special discounts and deals for people.

If you are planning to visit any place a different city or country and also love to shop, here are some great Christmas markets you should visit for sure :

1. Vienna – Austria
Vienna is one of the most beautiful and sensuous place for lovers . In winters it gives heavenly feeling as about 20 or more advent markets are held for people from 15th November to  5th January including over 150 stalls . It started back in 1298 and was called “December Market” or “Krippenmarkt”. There are also workshops organized for kids, and the icing on the cake comes when you can have roasted chestnuts which tasted delicious. Families can also look forward for the weekend performance from choirs from all around the world.

2.  Prague
Prague hosts some very good festive markets of Europe and the plus point is that all of them are on walking distance. There are many stalls made of wood, like huts, surrounding a big Christmas tree and there is also a small native zoo for children where the young ones can touch and take pictures with wild life animals. Handcrafts like glassware and jewelry of Prague is well-known. Historic buildings and beautiful architecture with the special dazzling lighting for the day will make you wander.

3.   Madrid– Spain
Madrid is the best place for people who love to collect antiques and artifacts . Christmas market of Madrid gives you a vintage feel and you can find pieces from 1960s to 1980s . Many things from lighting is made on top of the streets which gives a wonderful feel. It starts from 18th November and goes to 31st  December.

4.  Colmar – Alsace , France
In Colmar, the Market is divided into five portions and each of them having plentiful of activities for adults and kids . There are around 50 to 70 stalls around the Schwendi Fountain which features antiques, wooden sculptures and wooden cabinet makers, hat makers, jewelers and old book sellers. Children can enjoy a variety of swings and shows in petite Venice. It starts from 1st December and continues till the new year.

5.   Berlin – Germany
In Berlin around more than 60 Christmas markets are being set up which have more than 400 stalls present in them and you can absolutely find anything you need for vacation holidays. Spaudau Old town has the largest market in the city and a church which is more then 900 years old, people come to see it often for it wood work. The market at Kaiser Wilhelm is the greatest and well known as around 2 million visitors come to buy various products and seasonal pleasures like chestnuts and mulled wine are the bonus for visitors.

These places are worth to visit because of there own charisma and soothing atmosphere.

Happy Christmas

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